14 thoughts on “This week’s task…

  1. Elliot

    Hello Ms Richardson. My name is Elliot. These are my questions for tomorrow.
    1.Did you play any games that we don’t know about?
    2.What were all your friends’ names and what did they like to do at school?
    3.What was your old school called? Can you tell the class more about a typewriter?

  2. Anna

    Hello i’m Anna and I have a few question’s to ask
    1. How big was your class and school?
    2. What food’s did you eat?
    3. How was your classroom set up?
    4. What were your teacher’s like?
    5. How did you get to school?
    6. What games did you play?
    7. What specialist activities did you do?

  3. isabelle scott

    Hi l’m Izzy,

    What games did you play at recess and lunch?
    Did you have an air-conditioner in your classroom?
    Thank you

  4. Stephanie

    Hi my name is Stephanie
    How did you get to school and back?
    What happened when you were mischievous in class?
    What did your play ground look like when you went to school?


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