1/2 N is participating in World Read Aloud Day this year. It's on the 5th of March.  We are all going to STOP! DROP! and READ!

Each one of us is bringing our favourite book to school to read to/with our Grade 3/4 buddies. We are VERY excited!!!

All the way on the other side of the world, students in Monterrey, Mexico, are joining in World Read Aloud Day too!  We can't wait to share the titles of our favourite books with them and then read the titles of their favourite books.

We hope everyone gets a chance to read today.


75 thoughts on “WORLD READ ALOUD DAY- MARCH 5, 2014

  1. Mariel

    Hi my name is Mariel my favorite book is Junie B Jones the author is Barbara Park.
    They are really good!

    1. seraphina

      My name is Seraphina. I have not haerd of that book. Sounds great though. My favourite book is Magic Pony. Have you read it?

  2. Santi

    My favorite book is Diary of a Wimpy Kid all the collation the 3 BOOK is cadin favor. the characters are dad mom grader little brother best frend teacher an wipi kid and the character is j eff kinney. the last book is with at a parter the 1 book is narwal in caricn

  3. Regina

    Hi my name is Regina obviously we’ve never met before. im from monterrey mexico and i am in ASFM.
    today in WORLD READ ALOUD DAY. i read one of my favorite chapter books they are called mermaid tales
    oh im also in 2nd grade and my favorite animal is the tiger.

    1. cartia

      Hi Regina. My name is Cartia my favourite book is Hairy mMaclairy . Guess what? I’m in grade two too. Also my favourite animal is a pony.

  4. Alex

    My favorite book is Dairy of a wimpy kid dog days Rodrick rules cabin fever the ugly truth do it by you’re self book the last straw the third wheel normal dairy of a wimpy kid I like it because theirs Greg his brother Rodrick his litel brother his mom dad teacher his best friend rowley

  5. Natalia

    Hi my name is Natalia by the way I love koalas they are my favorite animal .

    Well in read aloud day I read a book called The History Of Koalas and it is so cooooool!!!!

  6. Ms Richardson

    Post author

    1/2N want to say a HUGE thanks to our reading buddies at ASFM in Monterrey, Mexico!
    We were very excited to read your messages and all the titles of your favourite books! Some of the books were books we have here to which we love to read in class and during library.
    We hope you all had a great day reading … because we definitely did! We read to and with our Grade 3/4 buddies to celebrate World Read Aloud Day. We were wondering what sort of things you did to celebrate? Whatever you were doing, we hope you had as much fun as we did.
    Keep reading and having fun!
    From 1/2N


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