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Term 2 saw the beginning of our new Inquiry. We began our learning journey with a PROVOCATION - an event or an item that makes us think, wonder, be amazed... to be provoked into thinking about our Inquiry.

Here's a photo of our PROVOCATION items...


After we looked at each item, we then explored the link between each provocation item using a dot-to-dot organiser. How can a microphone be linked to a magazine? How might a magnifying glass be linked to a brain? Can you figure it out???

During Tuning In, we also explored the 5 dispositions of being a good learner -

*I am a researcher          *I am a thinker           *I am a collaborator

*I am a self manager           *I am a communicator

Look at us being good learners!

IMG_1534  IMG_1533  IMG_1536

We are looking forward to exploring the answer to our Essential Question -


What do you already know about being a good learner? How do you learn best?  Who do you know who is a good learner and what qualities have you noticed they possess? What goals are you going to set this term to be a better learner?

Can't wait to read your responses!


1/2N is lucky to have friends all around the world.  Some of our friends are in Monterrey, Mexico at a school called ASFM (American School Foundation of Monterrey).  Our Grade 2 buddies there have written lots of posts on our blog, especially for World Read Aloud Day, where they told us the titles of their favourite books.

We want to keep working with our buddies and Ms Emily and I need your help!  We want your ideas!!! Think of something you think our two classes can do together that would be fun and also help our learning.  Post your ideas on the blog and next term, have our classes work on these ideas together.

We can't wait to read all of your ideas.



Congratulations to everyone in 1/2N for the way you conducted assembly on Friday.  Many parents commented to me about how amazing you all were.

They were particularly impressed with the fact that you ALL memorized your lines, spoke with confidence and about how great your singing was!  They still can't believe you can sing the alphabet backwards!!!

See if you can.... Click on this link

and if you want to try it REALLY FAST...

Good luck!!!

Big thanks to Mrs Broadfoot (Anna) and Mrs CC (Dariusz) too!

I'm very proud of all of you!

IMG_5718-Anna-Plays-Principal-MsBroadfoot-as-her-class-runs-the-weekly-assembly IMG_5705-Anna-Plays-Principal-MsBroadfoot-as-her-class-runs-the-weekly-assembly