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Last week saw the conclusion of our 'Shared inquiry' into 'What is a good learner?'

We have now chosen our own PERSONAL INQUIRIES. This means we chose a topic that REALLY interests us and that we know something about (but not a lot!)

Then we created an essential question - a question that will guide us as we research the answer to personal inquiries.

Below is a list of our essential questions. If you have any information, fun facts, resources or questions to prompt our thinking even further; if you have suggestions for presentation or if you are an expert in any of these areas; even if you know about some helpful links to websites or photos/pictures we can use ... anything that would help us really!!! ... please write on our blog and share your ideas with us. We'd love to hear from you!

Thanks!!!     Here is our list of essential questions ...

  • How do video games work? – Oakley
  • What are the names of all the bones in the human skeleton? – Joseph
  • What do animals eat? – Anna
  • How do forces make things move? – Anthony L
  • What are the names of cool and fast cars? – Elliot
  • How do dogs learn to do tricks? – Isabelle
  • What do koalas need to survive? – Stephanie
  • What are different mythological creatures? – Katrina
  • What are the parts of a car? – Marco
  • How do you train a dog? – Emily
  • How do koalas climb trees? – Allegra
  • How do people sing? – Capri
  • How does electricity make things work? – Cartia
  • How does an iPod work? – Julian
  • What is electricity? – Massimo
  • How do you care for a baby? – Estelle
  • How do you make a fake volcano erupt? – Dariusz
  • What do rabbits eat? – Daniela
  • How do doctors fix people who are sick?  - Rebecca
  • What do the different parts of the human body do? -Anthony F.
  • How has fashion changed over time?  - Mia
  • How does a car engine work? - Mark
  • What sort of pets did they have in the olden days? – Seraphina
  • What do different animals need to survive? – Guan chen



As we explore our essential question, 'What makes a good learner?' we have been learning how important being a 'self manager' is to improving our learning.

Consequently, we have started to set goals for ourselves every week. At the end of each week, we reflect upon how successful we were with our goals (why? why not?) and then set new goals for ourselves.

Here's a sample of some of our goals for our first week!


Don't forget to write about how you thought you went with your goals!

This week, we explored how we learned best. We used Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Checklist to discover what our preferred learning style was.  Here is what we found out...



Anthony, Isabelle, Elliot, Joseph and Dariusz are all body smart!



Anna, Emily, Cartia, Daniela, Mia and Capri are all music smart!



Julian  and Oakley are maths and logic smart!



Allegra and Katrina are nature smart!



Massimo is picture smart!



Guan chen is group smart!


Stephanie and Rebecca are self smart!

No one in 1/2N is WORD SMART !?!

As we continue to find out how knowing which 'smart' we are helps us as learners, remember to share this new knowledge with everyone!

Here's a link that explains our 'smarts' in a really simple way! (note: some of the categories have slightly different titles/category names to the ones we have learned!)