Good Learners set goals!

As we explore our essential question, 'What makes a good learner?' we have been learning how important being a 'self manager' is to improving our learning.

Consequently, we have started to set goals for ourselves every week. At the end of each week, we reflect upon how successful we were with our goals (why? why not?) and then set new goals for ourselves.

Here's a sample of some of our goals for our first week!


Don't forget to write about how you thought you went with your goals!

5 thoughts on “Good Learners set goals!

  1. Stephanie

    This week I am trying my best to be a collaborator, so I
    can ask questions and my group can answer them.
    From Stephanie

  2. Allegra

    This week I would like to learn more about Koalas. I want to know more about them and I will use the things we have been learning about in class to collect information (research) and ask others what they know about this. I will ask my parents to help me search information about Koalas on the internet.
    I want to be a better learner and my goal this week is to ask more questions.

  3. Leanne giaimo

    I would like to know more about dogs.
    I would like to research dogs as my enquiry topic.
    My goal is to collect a variety of resources about dogs.


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