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This term, our Well Being focus has been about #Resilience.  We have discussed this in circle time and have been putting our strategies into practice whenever we are feeling upset and unsure or when we might be having difficulties with family, friends and schoolwork.

Naida, Joseph's mum, gave me a great text to help us remember what we can do to be resilient..... to help us to #BOUNCE BACK!

Bad times don't last and don't have to spoil other parts of your life. Things will always get better.

Other people can help if you talk to them.

Understand how your thinking affects how you feel.

Nobody is perfect - not you and not others. Don't expect too much.

Concentrate on the positives (even if they are small) and remember to laugh.

Everybody experiences sadness, failure, rejection and setbacks sometimes, not just you.

Blame fairly. How much was due to you, others and bad luck?

Accept what can't be changed (but try to change what you can change first.)

Catastrophising make things words.

Keep things in perspective. It's not the end of the world if things aren't ok and iit won't last forever.

For homework, see if you can add some more ideas to help us to be #resilient!

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Our scripture focus this year is "Let us love not in word or speech but in truth and action". Joseph is definitely leading the way in this! He is raising money for #charity and would like your help.  Here's some information about what he is doing.  Good luck Joseph and keep training. We can't wait to hear how fast you walked your 5kms!

Hi there!

Mum and I are training every week (and at different MarioKart stages!!) to get to walk 5km by the time we do #RunMelbourne on July 27.  We have been walking in Coconut Mall on rainy days (#Shoppingtown - 3km) and on the weekend we were walking on #PeachBeach (at #Lorne). Mum and I are also doing a burpee challenge, but that's another story....

At the same time, I am asking you to support us to raise $1,000 - my little goal to help #The EastTimorHeartsFund reach their BIG goal of saving a heart that #Tomas needs fixed.  It costs $20,000 to fix. Here is my page - stay tuned for updates.  And thanks again for your help.
Love Joseph xx


In Prep, we get ourselves ready for #100daysofschool . Now that we're in 1/2, we're counting down the days until we get to #1000... ONE THOUSAND HITS ON OUR BLOG!

At the time I'm posting this, 686 people have looked at our blog from all over the world.  Check out the VISITORS TO OUR PAGE (on the right hand side). Click on the map of the world to see whereabouts our visitors are from. Then ESTIMATE when you think we will achieve #1000hits  You can even suggest ways we can celebrate this milestone. Let's see who is our best GUESSTIMATOR!



This week 1/2N says goodbye to our student teacher, Mr Patrick Brown. We loved having him in the classroom teaching us and wish him good luck and much success as he continues his teaching journey. We’ll miss you!


We also say goodbye to Mrs Joanne Whitty, our New Arrivals teacher. She has been working in our classroom helping Guan chen learn English. She’s done an incredible job as Guan chen has learnt so much since he arrived at school in the middle of Term One. Thanks for your help Mrs Whitty!                 IMG_1567