Fathers can make a difference in getting their sons to read!

For all my 1/2N Dads, this post is especially for you 🙂

I found an interesting article via #LinkedIn recently. It was written by #Ryan Spencer, a Clinical Teaching Specialist and Lecturer in Literacy Education at University of Canberra and highlighted the importance of fathers reading to and with their children, especially their sons.

Here are some highlights from the article...

  • The consequences of boys not reading as frequently or as copiously as girls can be dire.
  • Experts agree that when it comes to engaging boys with books, the key is reading with dads, uncles and grandfathers. When fathers engage with their sons in reading, the level of boys’ engagement, interest and participation are known to change. Dads are able to engage their sons in different ways with books, usually by hooking into shared interests and developing sustainable reading habits.
  • When boys see their fathers as frequent and resourceful readers, this sets the scene for their future reading lives. Dads who share quality reading time with their sons are role-modelling effective reading behaviours.
  • When considering books to suggest to your boys, try to think of a broad range of different types of texts.
  • Another clever way for Dads to engage in reading with their boys is to record themselves reading a chapter, or a short piece of text, using the recording function on a smartphone or iPod.
  • Take the time to read, discuss and enjoy books with your son, grandson or nephew to help set them up for reading success.

For the full article, use the link below.

Fathers can make a difference in getting their sons to read

Happy Reading Dads!

...and mums too of course 🙂




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