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How can we use water more sustainably?

That is the essential question we have been exploring over the last two weeks. We are discovering just how much water we are using at school and in the parish - now it's time to see what we are using water for at home and just how much water we are using to do these things!!!

Image result for water sustainabilityFor homework this week, you will be getting a worksheet to help you identify all the ways you use water at home. Remember to add any other ways you use water.

You will also need to check the water meter each night and record what you see. On Friday morning - bring the results in and we will see how much water you and your family uses in a week.

Do you think your family is using water sustainably??? Can't wait to hear if you are and what you are doing at your house to protect and conserve water !!!   Image result for water sustainability


Welcome back to Term 3 everyone! It's been an exciting start to the term with lots of learning happening already!!!

This term we have 2 Inquiries...

How can we use water sustainably? AND What is collaboration?

Last Friday, we worked with our 3-6 buddies to explore #COLLABORATION

Our challenge was to create a hat from newspaper and glue only that can be worn by one of the buddies to the Melbourne Cup!  Here's a sneak peak of what was created...

IMG_2057 IMG_2064 IMG_2062 IMG_2061 IMG_2060 IMG_2059 IMG_2065 IMG_2067

For homework this week, you need to remember what made you and your buddy good collaborators... to remember what you learned about collaboration from this challenge?

Pretend you had to teach someone about collaboration -

What would you tell them? What do they need to know?

Record your learning and your thinking on the blog by leaving a comment. We'll read them during Inquiry!