Welcome to 5/6N!

2016 sees the beginning of a new school year, a new class ... and for all of us, a new year level!

The beginning of the school year has been very busy indeed! WeΒ have undergone testing, reviewed our classroom and school agreements, developed leadership speeches and profiles in anticipation of announcing our new school leaders, participated in interschool sport and we've even planned a school assembly!!!

Image result for coastal forest lodgeImage result for anglesea surfing kidsBut the best thing so far this year was our 5/6 camp at Coastal Forest Lodge at Anglesea! What a great time we all had...especially learning to surf on the second day there. Lots of photos to follow - maybe even a video montage of all the adventures we had πŸ™‚

What did you think about camp? Your favourite activity? The best or funniest thing that happened to you? Any anecdotes to remember our camp experience? Love to hear what you thought about camp!

A great beginning to 2016!


24 thoughts on “Welcome to 5/6N!

  1. Ms Fitzgerald

    Hey 5/6N,

    Great to see your class blog up and running. What a busy year you’ve had already! I really enjoyed going on camp with you this week. What fun we had! I loved the surfing, though I wasn’t very good. It was amazing to see you all have a go and to see so many of you glide past me standing on your boards! I thought the concert on the second night was awesome. I never knew so many of you had such hidden talents and Ben’s surprise performance had me giggling for hours afterwards. I look forward to reading what you all have to say about camp. Hope you had a great sleep last night.

    From Ms Fitzgerald

  2. Edwina

    On camp I had a great time doing all the activities! I especially enjoyed the beach activities and surfing on day 2. On the surf board I got to my knees, I think I did very well. My favourite activity that I did on the camp site was the low ropes course, but I fell off quite a few times. On the last day I had a lot of fun patting the horse, magic and the 2 ponies. I didn’t like that we had to share the bathrooms with the cabins next door. I think everyone enjoyed the performance on the second night. πŸ™‚
    I had a great time at camp!!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  3. Isabelle L

    This year’s 5/6 camp was at Coastal Forest Lodge, Anglesea. Some of the activities we were involved in over the three days included: surfing, camp performance, disco, bush walk, daily activities and singing lots of songs from the 70’s. I enjoyed surfing because it was the first time I did it and it was really fun. I loved standing up on the surfing board. We had a camp performance on Tuesday night and it was entertaining because I enjoyed watching all the acts and making and preforming my own act. On the first night we had a disco. I thought the disco was wonderful because I loved dancing to all the songs. We also had a bush walk. It was exciting walking outside in the dark with torches. I thought the daily activities were amazing. Some of the activities included low ropes course, volleyball, mini golf and archery. These activities were fantastic because most of them involved teamwork. Whenever we gathered together, our principal, Mrs Broadfoot happened to always sing her favourite 70’s songs. This was so funny!!! What an awesome camp 2016!

  4. Floyd

    My School Camp Reflection

    On Monday, the 15th of February, myself along with the other 5/6s started our adventure on school camp. For the year fives it was the first time they had been on school camp. It took us about 2 and a half hours to get there. Once we arrived at Coastal Forest Lodge (Anglesea) we got off the bus, found out our cabins and activity groups and then we went straight into the activities. There were heaps of different activities like: the low ropes course, archery, mini golf, building bush shelters and night/day walks, but the highlight for me was surfing. I enjoyed surfing because it gave me an opportunity to learn how to surf which I have never had before. Finally on Wednesday we left. Most of us did not want to leave because we were having sooooooooooooooooooo much fun! In conclusion I liked my first ever school camp.

  5. Ben

    On Monday, the 15th of February, 5/6 went on camp. We went to a place called Coastal Forrest Lodge. The bus drive was about 3 hours long but everyone enjoyed the scenery. We did some awesome activities such as mini golf, archery, hut building, volleyball, low ropes and don’t forget some fantastic surfing! We had some magnificent nights playing some weird games and we had a performance night too. The food we had there was not the best – it wasn’t fresh – but we handled it. We then went to bed at about 10:30pm and got woken up at 6:00 in the morning but overall, we had the best camp ever and everyone enjoyed it. Unfortunately I can’t go next year because this year is my last at St Bede’s but I made the most of it.

  6. Mila

    Camp in Anglesea was great! I really enjoyed all of the activities such as the low ropes course, going for a long bush walk, archery, mini golf, volleyball on the beach, late nights dancing and last, but not least, surfing!! The food was good and the crispy, perfectly cooked potatoes were the best! I bet everyone had seconds because I did! πŸ™‚ The 5/6 camp was so much fun and there was lots to enjoy – especially the cabins and groups we got put in. I had a great time and I’m sure everyone else did as well πŸ™‚

  7. Veronica

    This year I was super excited for camp at Coastal Forest Lodge in Anglesea. There where so many things to do… here are some of the highlights – we did mini golf and archery, volleyball and much much more! The best of all was we got to go surfing! πŸ™‚ It was an amazing experience and I stood up on the board a couple of times. The food was great especially on the first night when we had the best potatoes ever-they were crispy and delicious! What a great way to start off the year together!

    Veronica πŸ˜‰

  8. Alice

    This year’s 5/6 camp was at the Coastal Forest Lodge, Anglesea. It took about 2 and a half hours to get there but it was definitely worth it. When we first got there we got told all about the camp and some of it’s interesting history. Me and my friends all got put in the same cabin which was really exciting! On the 1st and 3rd day we did fun activities like volleyball, mini golf, archery, low ropes course, a riddle task, night walks/day walks, building shelters and an initiative course. On the second day we did surfing and beach activities. Pictionary was definitely my favourite beach activity, but surfing was the best! On both nights after dinner we got some downtime and then all gathered in the Rec Room to play some fun games! By the time it was bedtime we were all so excited from the day we had had, that we couldn’t stop talking. This camp was so much fun, especially for my last 5/6 camp at St. Bedes! πŸ™‚

  9. Alissa

    To start off the year all the 5/6’s went to Anglesea, we went to a place called Coastal Forest Lodge. I thoroughly enjoyed it. We did so many cool activities and we saw a lot of wildlife. There were different activities such as the low ropes course, the initiative course, making bush shelters, archery and mini golf. My favourite activity was the low ropes course because it was really challenging but also very hard. I couldn’t even finish some of the activities because they were so tricky. I think everyone had a great time. We had great food and even better company!


  10. Jeremia

    On Monday the 5/6s started the day with an early morning. We left school at 8:30am and arrived at Coastal forest lodge at 1:00pm. We had lunch straight away and saw a glance of kangaroos and wallabies outside. After lunch we had activities. We found out our activity groups and I was in Mrs Macs group. People who were in the group were Keely, Tom, Austin, James, Emma, Eve, Charlotte and Edwina. The activities were low ropes course, bin Cricket volley ball, Archery, Mini golf and a night walk. My favourite activity was archery. The next day we went to the beach and there were two groups. The first group’s activity was to fill the bucket and the next activity was to throw the ball in 5 buckets and each bucket is further. My third group activity was to find the ball in the castle that each team made. My next activity was guess the picture where we drew a picture on the sand. My fifth activity was to capture the flag and the last activity was to throw the Frisbee in the circle. After lunch we swapped and my group went SURFING!!!!! Then on the last day we made a bush shelter. My Highlights were Surfing, Archery and Surfing.

  11. siena

    I had loads of fun at the Coastal Forest Lodge Camp and I’m pretty sure everyone did. The bus ride was two hours and when we finally got to the camp ground, most people were relieved as they could stretch out their legs. (But we did stop to eat between the two hours). We had a couple of activities and then believe it or not, my cabin and a couple of other cabins, were on dinner duty for the first night. It was kind of a mad house after people had finished eating because a lot of people wanted seconds. Then on Tuesday we had surfing. We didn’t really get the best weather but we got through it. The teachers had split the groups that we were in for the activities and my group was going Surfing first. I almost stood up on the board but it was very windy and I got washed away but I kept trying. Then I figured out that the ocean and the waves were trying to tell me “Never in a million years am I going to stand up on the board”. Meanwhile the rest of the groups were playing beach games on the other side of the beach where the river was. We swapped over after about forty-five minutes of Surfing. This is where my disaster happened… with the beach games! Some of the games had involved the river and my track pants got all wet. The next stop was back to the camp grounds and sadly I didn’t have the first shower but I guess I got a good spot – having fourth shower out of ten people because we shared a bathroom. After a fresh shower I had the best feeling as I didn’t have sticky and sandy clothes on anymore and it was a good feeling. We had dinner and then we had an hour free time to do what we wanted. The hour had gone and next up was a concert. Then we went to bed. In the the morning after everyone was ready, we had a cabin inspection and then we had lunch. I didn’t want to leave after we got to feed and pat the animals. I loved all of them but my favourite out of all of them was the big, beautiful white Horse. I had heaps of fun. Camp was AWESOME.

  12. Lucy

    Last week, the 5/6’s went on camp from Monday to Wednesday all the way to Anglesea. We were broken into small groups to do different activities. On the first day, we did an activity where we had to find the place where a photo was taken. Next we did archery and mini golf. I was okay at archery and I got one whole in one in mini golf. Then we did initiatives where there were spread out activities like a balancing beam and a small platform. For the small platform we had to all fit on it for 20 seconds, for the balancing beam we had to get across from one side to the other with some people on the other side. We had dinner which was amazing. We then had a night walk and had to bring torches, oooo spooky! The next day, we had a whole day at the beach. I did surfing first where I stood up on the board!! Next I did beach activities like volleyball and capture the flag. We had a concert after dinner and Sarah Braddy, Ms Richardson, Miss Ellenby and I did a dance in our sleeping bags and when we performed and I couldn’t stop smiling. On the last day we made a bush shelter with big sticks lent against each other. Then we did an obstacle course that I was good at (not really, I was pretty bad). Camp is so fun , all you junior kids are going to be thrilled. Can’t wait until next year!!!!!!!!

  13. Amelie

    Our camp started off with an exciting bus trip to Anglesea. Once we arrived at our camp ‘Coastal Forest Lodge’ we listened to some camp instructions before having some lunch. Then we went to our cabins and heard our activity groups, then we went off to do some activities. The next day we went to Anglesea beach, we went surfing and we did some beach activities. Surfing was so much fun and lots of us got to stand up on the surf board. The following day we got ready to leave camp, but before we left we did some more activities. Finally it was time to leave, we were all very sad to leave the camp but we had a great time. CAMP WAS AMAZING!!!

  14. MD

    On camp this year we went to Costal Forrest Lodge in Anglesea. It all kicked off with an awesome bus trip and it only got better and better as we went on. We did many fun activities on the first and third days like Bush shelter, Archery, Mini golf and low ropes but all of the action happened on the second day when we drove down to Anglesea beach. One group did exhilarating beach activities while the other group did surfing (which I think was the best part about camp). We did many activities at night like a night walk and talent quest but I think everybody can say that the winner was Ben with his mrs CC reenactment and then his Irish dancing was hilarious. Overall the food was delicious, the activities were amazing and the surfing was was the best and most fun thing to do on camp. CAMP WAS THE BEST! GO TO COASTAL FORREST LODGE!!!! πŸ™‚

  15. Macey

    On Monday 15th of Feb, the 5/6’s went on school Camp to Costal Forest Lodge in Anglesea.
    It was a great Camp with many fun filled activities and things to do. The Cabins we stayed in were named after famous Olympians cities who stayed there. My friends and I stayed in Seoul.
    On the second day of Camp we went down to the beach to do beach activities and also learn how to surf. The surfing was so fun and was probably the best part of the trip. Later that night we settled down in the Rec-Room for a Camp performance some of the acts were hilarious.
    The next day we went back home on the bus.
    It was the BEST Camp ever!!!!

  16. Jason

    Last week on camp we arrived at school at about 7 am. We put all our luggage in the bus and we were set! While we were on the bus we watched a movie called Cheaper by the Dozen. Afterwards we stopped at a park to have recess. We played in the playground together playing some fun games. Then the 5/6’s arrived at camp! It was especially exciting for the year 5s since it was their first time going to camp. We got sorted into our cabins. I was with Christian, Josh, Jeremia, Austin and Carter. The teachers sorted us into groups and we played lots of activities including archery, mini golf, bush shelters, volleyball, the low ropes course, the eagles nest walk and bin cricket. We had a delicious dinner- crispy fried potatoes with roast beef, yum! We had a disco at night before we went out for a walk around the camp in the dark. The next day we woke up early at 6 am because we were on breakfast duty. We had cereal and toast. After breakfast we got changed into our bathers to go to the beach to surf. Once we got to the beach we got into wetsuits and started learning to surf. It was fun! I had never surfed before so I was very ethuastic to have a go. Afterwards we had a break and ate sandwiches. We got to play on the playground. Next we went to beach activities. We played a lot of beach games with the other 5/6s . We left the beach on the bus. I was very tired so I think the others would have been tired as well. Then we got to play in the rec room where there was air hockey, a football table and a ping pong table. I played all the games and it was very enjoyable. We went to eat dinner and had spaghetti bolognese. For desert we had frog in a pond, which is jelly and a chocolate frog. Then we started the concert. There was a lot of talented performers including pianists, drawers, people dancing in their sleeping bags and also people imitating teachers (Ben imitating Mrs CC.). We went to our cabins and slept. We couldn’t really sleep so we talked for a while. In the morning we had cereal and toast. We did more activities. Then we had burgers for lunch. It was finally time to go. We had a terrific time at camp and we hope next year it will be even more fun!

  17. Sarah

    At camp I had a really fun time, whether I was surfing, climbing on the low ropes course or shooting some arrows at archery. We played some fun camp games after dinner in the main area and then it was lights out for a good night’s sleep. My group’s first activity was bush shelter building. We had to go out a find sticks to build a shelter out of logs. I had the best time surfing and the meals were amazing.

  18. Jamie

    My 5/6 Camp Reflection

    For this year’s camp we went to Coastal Forage Lodge, Anglesea. We were all very excited. When we were on the bus, the bus ride was about 2 hours we watched a movie and did some drawing. Once we all arrived, we unloaded the bus and got our bags. Once we all got our bags we headed into the camp! It was a very nice camp-it was very clean and beautiful. We had a little talk about the dangers and rules and we got told our cabins! I got a great cabin with all of my friends and in our room we had carpet, bunk beds and our own bathroom! I had so much fun in my cabin with my friends! On the first day we had four activities and all of them were lots of fun! On the second day we got on the bus and went to Anglesea beach to go surfing! First of all we got split into two groups and my group went first for surfing. The first thing we did was get our wet suits on. Then we grabbed two surfboards with someone. Once we got down to the beach we just went through some stuff like safety and hand signals incase we were in danger and we were too far out. Once we went through every thing we got into the water! I didn’t get a chance to stand up but I got onto my knees!! The tide came in so we had to get out of the water, then we got changed, had some lunch and played in the playground. After lunch we did some beach activities like volleyball, which was really fun! Once we all got ready to leave we got on the bus and went back to the camp. Once we got back we had some free time. Later on in the night we had a talent show. The talent show was really funny and amazing! The next day we had some activities and had some lunch. Once we had finished we got ready to go home! But first we got to go out to the field to feed the cows and horses. Then we left. Coastal Forest Lodge was an amazing camp and the food was terrific! Great activities that always kept us entertained! What a great camp to end my Primary School camps!!!
    By Jamie πŸ™‚

  19. Penelope

    On the 15th of February, all the 5/6’s, 5/6 teachers and others went to Coastal Forest Lodge. When we arrived at school, we put our bags/ luggage onto the bus then hopped onto the bus and did the roll to make sure everyone was there. It was a huge ride on the bus but in a few hours we were finally there!
    When we arrived we got told our cabins- Macey, Edwina, Bethany, Katie and I were all in the same cabin. That night after dinner we had lollies and told scary stories. The next day we went surfing! That was the best part of camp! On Wednesday we packed our bags and got onto the bus. On the way home we watched the movie Cheaper by the Dozen. Suddenly we were home!
    It was the best camp ever! πŸ™‚

  20. Daniel49 3/4LB

    Finally, on Monday the 15th of February, we left for camp. I’d been looking forward to this since the start of the year! We stayed at the Coastal Forest Lodge in Anglesea. The activities were tricky but still fun. Especially low ropes. But surfing was definitely the best yet hardest activity we did! The food at Coastal Forest Lodge was delicious. We had hamburgers, pasta and roast beef. We were filled with excitement when we found out we were sleeping in beds Olympians slept in! All in all, I think it was a fantastic experience.

  21. JoshuaAdi

    It was the first time I had gone to camp and I was over the moon! I felt excited even when I was preparing my luggage for camp! To my surprise, my roomates were all my good friends. All the activities at camp were exhausting, but my favourite activity was surfing as it was my first time. The food at camp was great – Roast Beef and Potatoes, Mmm! Definitely my favourite food at the camp! Overall, it was Brilliant FUN! I can’t wait for next year’s camp!

  22. james

    On the 15th of February, all the year 5/6 students and I went to Coastal Forest Lodge Anglesea for camp. When we got there we found out who was in our cabins and the teaches told us that Olympians slept in the cabins that we slept in. I had 10 people in my cabin and we stayed up the whole night – we were eating lots of skittles and m&m’s. My top four favourite fun activities I did at camp were surfing, archery, minigolf and going to the farm to feed the cows and ponies. We had good food for dinner and did some more fun activities at night when we were dancing. Then some teaches put cards up like knee and neck and we had to do it with someone. And then on the last night some people did performances and it was very entertaining to watch. When I got home, back from camp, I thought it was a good first camp experience for everyone because we had such a great time.

    1. M.J.S. 5/6jcc

      Wow James! I had a great time reading your class blog. I had a great time at camp too. I also thought that it was a great experience for everyone and yes, we did have a great time.

      Matthew 5/6jcc

  23. Jason

    It was my first time (not including Father Child Camp) that I went to camp and my first going without my mum and dad. Our camp was called Coastal Forest Lodge, Anglesea. When we arrived, we got selected into our cabins and then set up our beds. I didn’t know how to do my fitted sheet so my roommate Carter helped me. I watched him and learned from him. Next time, I will try to do the fitted sheet myself. On the second day, we went to the beach and learned to surf. Our instructor followed us through the steps and then we went into the water. We started paddling when the wave came. A thrill of excitement went up my spine. Going at that speed was the coolest feeling ever! Even Ms Richardson called me a surfing devil. When I was getting prepared for the wave, Ms Richardson was going at top speed. Before I could do anything, we both landed in the water. After a whole day of activities, we had dinner. At home I normally have Chinese food but at camp ate Western food. It was very delicious but I do have to admit the roast beef and potatoes were the best! Finally it was time to leave. It was a fun time at camp and hope to go again next time!


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