Sustainability…our Peace Garden takes shape!

Thanks to the vision of our Peace Garden Sustainability Group, which includes our Principal, some talented 'green thumb-garden designer' parents, students (some of whom are seen helping plant the trees in the photos below) and even some enthusiastic siblings! our Peace Garden is taking shape.  By the end of the year we will be lucky enough to have a secluded and peaceful part of our playground to reflect,  pray AND play in during our lunchtimes!  IMG_3573 IMG_3574


2 thoughts on “Sustainability…our Peace Garden takes shape!

  1. Sarah

    Hi 5/6N,
    I was scrolling through your blog and I saw the post on the peace garden. It was very appealing to me. As I was reading through the post I really enjoyed how you had supporting pictures next to the text. It was really good to see the students getting involved.

    Sarah A

  2. Alessia

    Dear 5/6N,
    Great to see you helped do the peace garden. It’s looking great. Everyone at school thought it was really nice and it feels really peaceful.
    From Alessia 5/6JCC


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