#Inquiry #Findingout #sortingout … what have we learned about different countries and lifestyles?

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Our #inquiry this term has led us to discover countries around the world that we don't know a lot about, might never have heard of before, or that we're fascinated by but need to refine our knowledge about !!!

Read the comments section in this post if you'd like to find out more about our world. We've listed what we thought were our 3 most fascinating facts about our chosen country as a way of #sortingout our new learning.

We hope you learn something interesting too 🙂

24 thoughts on “#Inquiry #Findingout #sortingout … what have we learned about different countries and lifestyles?

  1. Lucy

    I did a fact file on Canada and here are my 3 interesting facts:
    – The Canadian government makes sure there is an equal amount of men and women in Parliament.
    – Canada is in love with maple syrup but did you know that there is a maple leaf on their flag?
    – Canada is the most educated country. Almost half of it’s residents have college degrees.

  2. James

    Tadzikistan is next to Afganastan, China and Azbikistan. It is known for rugged mountains that are very popular for hiking and climbing. They eat with their hands a lot and eat lots of fruit, meat, dairy products and drink tea and coffee.

  3. Isabelle

    -In 1960 the government of Chad made education compulsory and free at Primary School level. They also go to school for 9 years.
    -In Chad the spoken languages are French and Arabic.
    -The population of Chad is 14 658 845.

  4. Sarah

    The Official languages of Peru are Spanish, Quechua and Aymara.
    A traditional food from Peru is Ceviche which is a dish using seafood marinated in lemon juice.
    The population of Peru is 31 938 182.
    Male’s make up 50.1% of the population and Female’s make up 49.9%.
    The Capital of Peru is Lima/
    Peru is a country in the continent of South America.

  5. Carter

    1. The president of Mongolia is Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj
    2. Ulaanbaatar is the capital of Mongolia
    3. Mongolia is on top of China

  6. Austin

    3 interesting things I found out about Pakistan are:

    Pakistan’s population is 194,826,502 – 50.8$ Males and 49.2$ Females

    The Official languages are English and Urdu (there are others too).

    It covers an area of 881,913 km2

  7. (:Penelope:)

    In Inquiry I have been researching the country Chile.
    The facts that I found out were that the population of Chile is 17.62 million people, the capital of Chile is Santiago, the language in Chile is Spanish,the president is Michelle Bachelet and that Chile’s neighboring countries are Argentina, Peru and Bolivia.

  8. Mostyn

    I researched the country of Oman and did a fact file. Here are my 3 most interesting facts.
    1) In Oman you don’t have to pay for schooling until after secondary school.
    2) Oman is hot and has a very low annual rain fall. Oman is very hot in the day and very cold at night.
    3) Oman’s population is about 5 million people – 59% male and 41% female.

  9. Lucy

    -The capital of Hungary is Budapest which is located in north Hungry
    -The population of Hungary is 9 813 458
    -Hungary is located in the center of Europe
    -The language the Hungarians speak is Hungarian
    – A traditional food the Hungarians love is Gulyasleves (Goulash soup).


  10. Jamie

    I researched Iraq. Some interesting facts I learnt were:
    1) Boys’ birthdays are celebrated while girls’ birthdays are not. When I saw this fact I was extremely shocked.
    2) The religions that are followed are Islam (97%) and Christianity (3%)
    3) The population of Iraq is around 37, 549, 686 people. 19,093,102 are men (50.22%) and 18,952,476 are women (49.82%)
    By Jamie 🙂

  11. Alice

    I researched Ethiopia. Some interesting facts I learnt were:
    1) Ethiopia is called the horn of Africa because Ethiopia is shaped like a Rhino horn.
    2) Ethiopian men and women wear a traditional costume called a Gabbi or Netella.
    3) There are 80 different ethnic groups each with a different language, culture and tradition.
    4) The population of Ethiopia is about 100 million.

  12. Amelie

    – 80% of people in Chad live below the poverty line
    – The President of Chad is Idriss Deby
    – The Official languages of Chad are French and Arabic


  13. iiVeronicaii

    I did a fact file on Cambodia.
    Here are some facts about the country:
    * The capital city of Cambodia is Phnom Penh
    * The main language spoken in Cambodia is Khmer
    * The total population of Cambodia is 15 918 559
    * Did you know many kids repeat grades because they are not doing very well. It can take up to an average of 10 years to complete primary school
    * Some foods they enjoy are noodles, soups, stir-fried, curries, salads, lots of vegetables and most importantly RICE!

  14. Floyd

    China‘s population is 1 billion!
    In China there is no such thing as nappies. They cut holes in their pants and they do their business on the side of the road!
    China’s leader is Xi Jinping.

  15. Jason

    In Mexico, the official language is Spanish and other languages are Nahuatl and Mayan.
    The current population is 129, 406, 190 and the president is Enrique Pena Nieto.

  16. Ben

    My country: Chile
    My three most interesting facts:
    – the population of Chile is about 17,508,260
    – the capital city of Chile is Santiago
    – about 64% of kids in Chile are at the expected literacy level

  17. leon


    Turkeys’s official language is Turkish. The population of Turkey is 80 542 816 and 49.9% are Male and 50.1% are Female.
    The size of Turkey is 783 562 km2 and it is located north of Syria and is surrounded by the Black Sea.
    Ankara is the capital city of Turkey and the President of Turkey is Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

  18. Edwina

    Hi everyone,

    I researched Panama which is a country in the north west of South America. Some interesting facts I learnt were:

    1. 93% of people speak Spanish as their first language. Other languages include English and Guaymi, which is the native language.
    2. At Christmas time, Panama holds a parade in Panama City/ They also light up a Christmas tree and sing Christmas carols around it.
    3. Panamanian clothing for men consists of cotton shirts, trousers and straw hats. For women, traditional clothing is a dress or long skirt called a Pollera.
    4. Panama has a population of 3.864 million people. 50.4% are men and 49.6% are women

    From Edwina

  19. Macey

    -In Russia the population is 146 381 664. There are 67 800 140 Men i, Russia and 78 581 525 Women.
    -Of all the languages of Russia, Russian is the only official language at the National level. There are 35 different languages which are considered official languages in various regions of Russia, along with Russian. There are over 100 minority languages spoken in Russia today. Some of these are Tatar, Ukrainian, Chuvash, Bashir, Mordrin, Circassian and Chechen.
    -Russian men and women dress more formally than people in Western Europe and the United States. Women often wear brightly colored dresses with heels when they walk outside. Men wear simple T-shirts with trousers and dress shoes for an evening out or a stroll down the street. Comfort items of clothing, such as sweatpants and sandals, are not popular in Russia because they are considered too casual.

  20. leon

    My Country: Jamaica
    My Three Most Interesting Facts:
    – Did you know reggae music originated in Jamaica?
    – Jamaica is in the Caribbean islands.
    – Jamaica’s population is only 2.715 million people.

  21. Siena

    These are the things that I have learnt about Chad:

    The population of Chad is approximately 14 658 862.
    The Male population of Chad is 7 289 859.
    The Female population of Chad is 7 369 003.
    Their houses are normally made from straw and wood.
    The food that they mainly eat is red meat in a stew or soup.
    The two official languages of Chad are French and Arabic.

  22. Amelia

    Country- Chad

    Population- 14 658 845
    Female- 50%

    Chad is in Africa. It is on the edge of the Middle East and under Europe. It is between Niger and Sudan.
    Size- 1.284 million square km

    fish,chicken,millet,red beans,banana,dates,mango,fried beef, fried fish, rice

  23. Mila

    I really enjoyed researching and doing a fact file about Portugal. Here are 3 facts that I found interesting.
    Did you know that the food there is traditionally very salty and there is a lot of fish? This is because Portugal is on the coast of Spain and there are a lot of beaches and oceans around.
    Also, the main religion is Roman Catholic. 81% are Catholic, 19% attend mass and a large number wish to be baptised.
    Portugal has very wet Winters and very dry and hot Summers.
    I enjoyed researching Portugal.

  24. Alissa

    For inquiry I chose to research the country Belarus. It has a population of 9 499 535 people and the capital city is Minsk. Some traditional foods in Belarus are pork, stew, thick potato pancakes, mushroom soup and homemade sausages. These traditional foods are only served at farmsteads which is where they use farm produce to make the food.


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