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Finally our 6 words stories are ready for viewing!

Where did the 6 word story originate?

In the 1920’s, Ernest Hemingway, an accomplished and very successful author, was challenged by his colleagues to write a complete story in only 6 words. They thought it was impossible and bet against him - they thought he couldn’t do it. He proved them wrong! Hemingway considered his 6 word story to be his best work. This is his narrative...

"For sale: Baby shoes, never worn" 

The concept to create our very own 6 word stories was inspired by Don Goble @dgoble2001 . He assisted us as we learned about #iMovie and #sixwordstories, directing us to his videos and participating in a #Skype session where he answered our questions and explained how to use a variety of additional editing techniques.

After our discoveries, we decided to link our knowledge to our #inquirybasedlearning focusing on #socialjustice . We chose an issue that we felt passionate about and then created our stories and iMovies . This link will lead you to the great work we created. We hope you enjoy viewing our 6 word stories and that it inspires you to #TakeAction !

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