Monthly Archives: April 2017

Our first day back for Term 2 and we had the privilege of working with Kath Murdoch. Kath is an independent consultant world renowned for her  expertise with #inquirybasedlearning

During our time with her, she led a Tuning In  activity for our new Inquiry. The purpose of this lesson was to gather data about our prior knowledge linked to #adaptation #evolution and #survival of living things.

She conducted a few games to help us #communicate and #collaborate - using these learning assets in particular to help us theorise -  to think about answers to questions and to convincingly share our opinions.  We thoroughly enjoyed played 2 truths and 1 lie and Bus Stop that helped us to do this.

Here are a couple of photos from our session with her.  We loved having Kath work with us. Can't wait until next term !