Monthly Archives: March 2018

Today the 5/6s were surprised with some guest visitors to Earth!

It was our mission to lead the Earthlings in a #provocation during #inquiry and to get them to think about what our Inquiry will be next term.

I wonder if you can guess what we might be inquiring about next term? What guiding question might we be exploring? What do you think you already know about it? What questions do you still have?  WHAT DOES IT MAKE YOU WONDER???

Our mission was successful! One group identified the Essential Question and all students were great explorers and wonderers this morning!  Bring on Term 2!!!

We love #inquiry @kjinquiry  . Just where will our wonderings lead us next term???




Thanks to the creative genius of Angela for her design and to Antonietta for her extraordinary artistic abilities, our Sacred Space Mat is now complete.

Again 5/6N shows just what a talented bunch we are!

Our prayer cloth has already been used for morning prayer, for the Open School Day AND for the PA and PB meetings!!!

What other incredible things will we continue to do this year? Keep your eye on 5/6N in 2018 🙂