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This blog is a way for us to share our ideas and our learning with other people in our school, our community and around the world. It is very important that we understand how to use the blog and the internet in a secure way.

For us to have a purposeful and safe blog we must remember the following guidelines:

Only use your first name when blogging.

  • Anyone from around the world can see our blog through the Internet. It is important that you do not put your last name on the blog so strangers don’t know who you are.

Parents who use the blog should also only use their first names.

  • Parents should only use their first names so they don’t accidentally identify their child in the blog.   (Please post comments as “Sarah, (John’s mum)” or “Danny, (Megan’s dad)” etc.)

NEVER give out any personal information.

  • You should never give out information about where you live, email addresses or phone numbers.

All comments on the blog are approved before being published.

  • All comments are screened before posting to make sure that there are no negative or inappropriate comments going onto the blog. If someone posts something that the teachers do not want others to see, we will not publish it to the blog.

Be friendly, helpful and polite.

  • Only post comments that are positive and friendly. Never post anything that could upset someone who reads it.

Remember to do your best writing.

  • Even though you are commenting on the Internet you still need to do your best writing. Remember to use capital letters and punctuation like full stops and commas. Don’t use text talk like m8, thanx or l8r and most of all check your writing before you post. Remember everyone can read it so make it your best effort!

Be aware of copyright.

  • Remember you can’t just use anything from the Internet and call it your own. Make sure you only use copyright free images, music or text.

Have fun and share, share, share!!!

  • Enjoy reading our blog and making comments/posts. Don’t let the guidelines stop you from commenting!

39 thoughts on “Blogging Guidelines

  1. George

    Hi 1/2N! It’s George here.
    In 3/4 A we have also been learning about the brain and what makes us good learners. Did you guys know that the brain feels like rubber and is a light brown colour? In class we have mostly been focusing on NAPLAN. In NAPLAN you have to focus on different subjects and questions. On Tuesday we started with language conventions and writing, then we did reading and tomorrow is numeracy.
    See you later! by George

  2. Anthony F

    Something about me to help you know me better:

    I am very shy and I don’t like things that embarrass me.

    Question for Ms Matuska:

    Why do you like being a teacher?

  3. Oscarmo

    Dear Ms Richardson,

    I got the maths game that you told us to do. I got it correct the first time.

    By Oscar

    1. Dylan

      You’re very good Oscar. I think you’re very funny-like when I say something you
      say it in a funny voice!

  4. joel and Dylan

    Hi! Its Dylan and Joel. Dylan talking: my favorite thing about being in 1/2N is Sushi, Fish and Chips (our fish).
    Joel speaking: my favorite thing to do in 1/2N is getting bonus points.
    Dylan and Joel think 1/2N is the best 1/2 class of all.

  5. Olivia Lupacchini

    So far this year I have enjoyed learning with my classmates and just being in the class room with my teachers. School has been really fun and exiting and I can’t wait to go back 😀

  6. Alanna

    Hi 1/2N,
    I had fun with you all the other day when we interviewed my mum Sofie for our biography writing.

    1. Ms Richardson

      Post author

      It was great having your mum in to interview. It made our learning even better being able to write about a ‘real’ person that we had to interview!

  7. Alyssia

    Ms Richardson, My family and I played the card games and we had so much fun! It was quite challenging to count backwards from 100 at the beginning but it got easier as we played again and again.

    1. Ms Richardson

      Post author

      I’m glad you liked the card games! We’ll be playing more games like the ones on the blog during maths warm ups. Sounds like you are really improving your counting Alyssia – when it’s time to focus on addition and subtraction you will definitely be ready 🙂

  8. michael piraino

    I have made some really good friends in 1/2N. the classroom is filled with fun galore. its superb!!!!!!
    thankyou class 1/2N

  9. Sebastian

    hi 1/2N I’m Sebastian from 1/2B I like your blog and all the games that are on your blog.

    from Sebastian

  10. Joel

    On St Bede’s Feast day we had lots of fun. I think that the best thing was the wheel barrow race.
    The wheel barrow race was fun because I went so fast and I won the race. It was very hard but
    I made it to 1st place and over lapped one of the wheel barrows.

    From Joel

  11. Luke

    Hi 1/2n

    I had a great day today seeing my classmates and Miss Richardson.
    I’ve missed everyone while I was sick and am happy to be back at school.

    From Luke P

  12. Isabelle S

    Hi 1/2N ,
    Your blog is so great I have had a look at it I LOVE IT. You have been doing some very hard work. This year has been going so fast its amazing. My teacher Miss Ellenby is in Africa helping other kids at school she is very nice to do that she has told me some interesting things about Africa. She also said its different from home but she is having a good time. Please have a look at 3/4LE ‘s blog I would love that.
    From Izzy
    kind regards

    1. Ms Richardson

      Post author

      Dear Izzy!
      Thank you for looking at our blog and leaving such a great comment. We promise to look at your blog this week.
      From 1/2N

  13. Oscarmo

    Today I did a multiplication test on a different website. It was called maths test multiplication. I learnt a lot.

    1. Ms Richardson

      Post author

      Sounds like a great site… can you let me know the link and I can post it on the blog!
      Thanks Oscar

    1. Ms Richardson

      Post author

      Hi Isabelle!
      We are very excited at the moment because we have our first Sustainability workshop tomorrow! Which group are you in?
      You’ll have to tell us what you do in your group.

  14. Oscarmo

    I love the water cycle song – lalalalala! I think I now know all the words… precipitation,transpiration,
    evaporation, condensation, water vapour…

  15. Oscarmo


    if you don’t drink water you will die because all our organ’s / heart lung kidney liver > realey on water to work.
    if you don’t drink water you will dehydrate
    75% of water in our body if we drink no water we will die if we don’t drink our water every day and also 1/2N you have to be sustainable like don’t leave tap on dont shower for that long

  16. Isabelle

    Hi 1/2N,
    How are you all? I have looked at your awesome blog it looks amazing! I can’t wait until Christmas – this year has gone so fast – isn’t it coooooooool! Can’t wait to hear back from you. Have a good day! bye:)

    1. Ms Richardson

      Post author

      Hi Isabelle!
      Thanks for checking out our blog. We loved creating the vokis- glad you liked them.
      Christmas will be here really soon – and so will the school holidays – YAY!
      We have swimming next week – do you?
      We hope you had a great weekend.

  17. Sarah

    Hi 5/6N,
    I was looking through your blog and came across the blogging guidelines page. I found it very useful, especially the section about what makes an amazing blog/comment. I have one question. Did you as a class come up with all those fantastic blogging guidelines or did your teacher? I hope to see more cool posts soon.
    From S.A 5/6JCC


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