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Here is also some useful information to help you understand how speech develops

It takes about seven years for children to learn to pronounce speech sounds the same way adults do. Different children develop speech at different rates. In general, most children should make few mistakes with the listed speech sounds at the ages shown in the table below.

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Speech sounds by age

Age Sound
By around 3 b, p, m, n, h, d, k, g, ng (sing), t, w, f, y
By around 4-5 f, sh, zh (measure), ch, j, s, and cluster sounds tw, kw, gl, bl
By around 6 l, r, v, ng, and cluster sounds pl, kl, kr, fl, tr, st, dr, br, fr, gr, sn, sk, sw, sp, str, spl
By around 7-8 th, z, and cluster sounds sm, sl, thr, skw, spr, skr


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  1. Jacqui & Sienna Kowalewski

    the difference MIA makes in our lives

    Love Sienna (3 years old)-Because she’s my friend. She plays babies with me and mums and dads. I love her cause she comes to my house and plays with me and my toys. She makes me feel good

    Love Zia Jacqui (too old) -Mia makes a difference in our lives by the huge smile I see on our daughter Siennas face every time they are together. Mia has a big heart and makes everyone feel so very special. She always makes me feel beautiful and unique. She loves us for who we are.

    1. Nadia Pitisano & Katia Alexopoulos

      The difference MIA makes in our lives

      Love Katia – I love my best cousin Mia. We play together with all of our dolls and toys. I get so excited when mamma tells me that we’re going to visit Zia Cathy and Zio Jamie, because Mia plays with me and teaches me lots of things.

      Love Zia Nadia – Mia is a special part of our lives. We love the close relationship she has with Katia – they can spend hours playing together. Mia is always patient with her and there is so much laughter and fun when they’re together. Mia is happy and chatty and very caring with her younger cousins. She tells me lots of stories about the things she’s learned at school and I love her sensitivity, genuine curiosity and willingness to share her thoughts and feelings.


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