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What a great day we had on Friday celebrating St Bede's Feast Day!  The whole school got to enjoy a fun filled day to celebrate our Patron Saint.

Firstly, we began our day with a whole school mass. Father showed us a jar of peppercorns and explained why these were so important to St Bede.

Then, all the Prep to Year 2 students participated in a walkathon.  George was our fastest runner/walker and completed 17 laps in 20 minutes.  The walkathon was to raise money for our school charities.  This week we'll find out how much money our school raised.

After recess, we learned about St Bede.  We watched a powerpoint presentation and discovered that Bede was a scholar (someone who loves to learn and teach) and is known as the 'Father of English History'.  He was a very kind and intelligent man.

Next, we got to enjoy a special lunch...a YUMMMYYYY sausage sizzle!  We want to thank all the mums and dads that helped to cook.

Just before lunch, the Police Rock Band, Code One, played for us.  We danced, sang and  had a great time.

Lastly, we had a school assembly and even got an icypole to celebrate Ruby's birthday.  What a fun filled day!

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Last Friday, on the 17th May, all of the Year 1/2's went on an excursion.  It was focused on helping us to find out even more information so we can answer our Inquiry essential question, " How is cooking is a science?"

Our excursion took us to Gourmet Kids and to Prahran Market.  We had a great time and learned soooo much!

At Gourmet Kids, we observed the changes that took place as we made pineapple and carrot muffins.  We discovered the changes were both physical and chemical changes.

At Prahran Market, we explored the concepts of Mass and Money.  We estimated the weight of objects, weighed different fruits and vegetables and even bought our own fruit and veggies - predicting the cost of our item and working out the change.

It was a sensational day and we want to thank Ms Sartori for organising our excursion and to thank all the parents who helped us in our learning journey!

OK 1/2's... let everyone know what you thought of the excursion!!!