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We love blogging and sharing our learning with our families. This post shows how our families are involved in blogging too!

Our RE inquiry this term helps us to discover how we are Alive in the Spirit; how we all have the Holy Spirit guiding our choices to make a positive difference to everyone around us.

Choose one way you can show your family you are filled with the #holyspirit and get them to take a photo of you IN ACTION!!! Email it to me by Friday (8th August) and we can display it on our blog.

Also, ask people in your family (even people you know) to leave a message on our blog, telling us how they think you are making a difference to those around you; how you are #aliveinthespirit

I know how you are all doing this at school so I can't wait to find out how you are making a difference at home and in the community too!

We are Alive in the Spirit! on PhotoPeach


Hello it's Anna!
Right now I'm at the airport,waiting to board my next flight. I'm in Costa Rica and just a few minutes ago an earthquake went on for a few seconds and every one was running around,even the crews were scared. They said it was the biggest one yet! By the way I'm flying to Panema City then to Guayaquil in Ecuador where we'll spend a day before flying to the Galapagos to get on our boat.


Hello its me Anna. Today is  Sunday the 20/7 and I'm  very tired. I'm waiting to board my next plane from Los Angeles to Newark, New Jersey (near New York) to see my mammo and GRANDAN. I'm having a great time and I'll keep in contact. Bye!