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  Often, when children finish reading a book, our first question is "Did you like it?"  "Was it a good book?" "Tell me what happened in the book" or "Who were the characters in the book?" And I have a feeling you get an answer like "yep" "nope" "it was good" or you get a retell of every single thing that happened in the book!

I'm a strong believer in encouraging more than a retell and one word answers to get children thinking about the books they read, comprehending books at a higher level and engaging them in conversation.  We need to capitalise on the opportunities books provide us with, to gain insight into our children's thinking, beliefs, understandings and oral language skills.

So 1/2N parents, this post is for you! Tonight, try asking these questions after your child has read a book. Who knows what conversations it might lead to 🙂

1. If you could give the book another title, what would it be? 

2. Which characters would you like to meet in real life?  Why?

3. What do you wish was different about the beginning? ending? main character? layout of the book?

4. Would the book make a cool movie? Video game? TV show? 

5. What is one thing you could ask the author if you could talk to him or her?

6. What do you think the author wants readers to remember most from this book?

7. Was there a life lesson you took away from this book? Did it teach you something about yourself? about others? about life?  

I'd also love to hear what other questions you ask your children that have proven very effective in engaging your child in conversation about what they have read/ are reading.  Let's make 1/2N the best readers at St Bede's 🙂

You can also find other prompts in a post I made earlier this year!

Children's Week is from the 18-26th October, 2014.

This year focuses on every child's right to speak and be heard.

Children’s Week recognises the talents, skills, achievements and rights of young people. There are lots of fun activities to participate in : open days, displays and special events that celebrate being a kid.

All Children’s Week events are offered free-of-charge to families with children aged 0-12 years. You just have to turn up and have heaps of fun!

Here's the link for you to explore with your parents...I hope you are able to go to some of these great events!  It's great being a kid 🙂




Welcome back everyone! Can you believe it is Term 4 already?!? Time flies and before we know it, we'll be getting ready for our Christmas Carols and the last day of school.

I've been lucky to hear all about your holidays; you have definitely been busy and were lucky enough to do some very exciting things and experience some great events. I know there are a few people in 1/2N who were extra excited...especially as the Hawks won the AFL Grand Final 🙂

So for homework this week, I want you to tell everyone about the MOST exciting thing you did during your holiday. You only need to write 1 or 2 sentences! (example: I flew to Sydney during the holidays and saw the Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. I took a ferry to Manly too! It was a great trip.)

Also, I just looked at cluster maps and we have 1901 hits! How long until you think we will reach 2000???