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Each time we plan our writing, we need to consider 1.the text type and 2.the audience. To make sure we did this, we read our narratives about #belonging to our Prep buddies.

The learning intention for today's reading was to make sure our narratives were suitable for our intended audience (the Preps). To check that we are great authors, the Preps gave us feedback. They had to tell us one thing that was great about our text and one thing that needed to be improved.

Some of the positive things they shared about our writing were:

"That was a great story."

"This story reminds me of what happens in my family."

"Your story makes sense."

"Your writing was very neat and it was a good story about belonging."

Some improvements they told us that will help us as authors were:

"You need to leave more space between the illustration and the writing."

"If you do clearer pictures it will make it even better."

"Don't write your words and then colour over it. It makes it hard to read."

Here are a few pictures of us reading our #narratives to our Prep buddies...

IMG_2007 IMG_2006 IMG_2005 IMG_2004 IMG_2003     

Thanks for letting us read to you today Prep buddies and thanks for helping us to be better #authors. 

Last Friday, the 20th of March, our whole school celebrated ‘#Anti-Bullying Day’.

In the morning, our Prep buddies came to visit us and share their learning. Their performance reminded us how important it is to make sure we include everyone and they showed us some strategies we could use to stop bullying if we see it or know it is happening.

In the afternoon, all the 1/ 2 students met together to define the term ‘#Bullying’. We now understand that bullying is a repeated or habitual behaviour that makes somebody feel unsafe. We watched some interesting clips and took a class photos with today's important message that the Preps taught us ... #Take A Stand Together! Bullying- No Way!

Here's our class photo to remind us to take a stand against bullying!



 How excited were we when all our hard work finally paid off.

After a term of lining up beautifully at the end of every recess and lunch, Mrs Trumble recognised our efforts and awarded us a certificate - the very first GOLD AWARD presented this year!

CONGRATULATIONS 1/2N... Very well deserved!

For all my 1/2N Dads, this post is especially for you 🙂

I found an interesting article via #LinkedIn recently. It was written by #Ryan Spencer, a Clinical Teaching Specialist and Lecturer in Literacy Education at University of Canberra and highlighted the importance of fathers reading to and with their children, especially their sons.

Here are some highlights from the article...

  • The consequences of boys not reading as frequently or as copiously as girls can be dire.
  • Experts agree that when it comes to engaging boys with books, the key is reading with dads, uncles and grandfathers. When fathers engage with their sons in reading, the level of boys’ engagement, interest and participation are known to change. Dads are able to engage their sons in different ways with books, usually by hooking into shared interests and developing sustainable reading habits.
  • When boys see their fathers as frequent and resourceful readers, this sets the scene for their future reading lives. Dads who share quality reading time with their sons are role-modelling effective reading behaviours.
  • When considering books to suggest to your boys, try to think of a broad range of different types of texts.
  • Another clever way for Dads to engage in reading with their boys is to record themselves reading a chapter, or a short piece of text, using the recording function on a smartphone or iPod.
  • Take the time to read, discuss and enjoy books with your son, grandson or nephew to help set them up for reading success.

For the full article, use the link below.

Fathers can make a difference in getting their sons to read

Happy Reading Dads!

...and mums too of course 🙂