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IMG_2008We began our Term Two Inquiry with a PROVOCATION. Inside our 'historical suitcase' were ARTEFACTS. As we explored each artefact, we had to answer the following questions... 1. What is it?   2. What was it used for?   3. Who would have used it? Look at us being HISTORIANS! Can you work out what the artefacts are???

IMG_2011                              IMG_2010                              IMG_2009                                                              IMG_2012


Stage 2 of our Provocation was to put the artefacts in CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. This means that we put the artefacts from the oldest to newest. First the girls got a chance to order them. Then the boys ordered them. Our results were quite different and we all had very different reasons to explain why we thought they should go in that order. Here's what we thought...

IMG_2013                  IMG_2014


What do you think???   We are going to have fun being historians this term!



#ANZAC Day occurs on the 25th of April every year. On this day we honour all the men and women who served or who are serving in wars, conflicts and peacekeeping operations around the world. Image result for anzac day for kids

When most people think of the ANZACs, they think about when the soldiers landed at Gallipoli on 25 April 1915. Incredibly, 100 years have passed since this occurred during World War 1.

ANZAC day remains one of Australia's most significant events in our rich history. To help us honour and remember, we will participate in a commemorative assembly and plant a sapling that has grown from an oak from The Lone Pine. We were one of only 300 schools in Australia to receive such an honour! Assembly will occur Monday, 27th April at 8.45am and everyone is welcome! (photos to follow)

1/2N are spending a couple of weeks learning about different events that happened during World War 1. We are linking ANZAC day to our Inquiry, How has family life changed?  by exploring family life during this time and comparing it to family life now.

I have found websites that may be of interest to all 1/2N families. They should provide you with stimulus you can use to discuss the significance and importance of ANZAC day. I suggest you take a look at them yourself beforehand to familiarize yourself with the content and then share as a family.Image result for anzac day for kids

(info for kids)

(photos of gallipoli)

(has videos photos and info)
(3D videos of landing at gallipoli - #abcforkids) - EXCELLENT SITE!!!

I also found an app that you can download.  Download the app for free at the Apple, Google Play, Amazon or Windows Stores.

Produced by the Department of Veterans Affairs and the ABC, this app for iPads and  tablets presents the the events of Gallipoli and where they happened, in a 3D map space.


Please note: The age limit for the app is 12+  (For Apple and Microsoft) Medium Maturity (For Google) Guidance Suggested (For Amazon)  but there is no restriction on visiting the the AFI award-winning documentary, originally published online in 2009.

Image result for ode of remembrance