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Image result for books light up our worldBook Week is finally here and 1/2N are excited!

IMG_0768This Wednesday we have our #scholastic book sale where we get to pick our favourite book, add it to our wish list and then buy it! No better feeling in the world than reading an amazing book!

IMG_1487Then on Friday, we have our Book Parade - I wonder who our favourite book characters will be?  What costumes will we wear?

After the parade, we get to join in fun activities that are all linked to books... #bookweek15 is turning out to be incredible!

So what is your favourite book? Do you have a favourite quote? 1/2N would love to know what it is - so please post the title and quote on our blog for us to read.

Check out 1/2Ns #bookweek15 #bookweekcostumes !

IMG_2215  book week staff photo


Image result for waterHello all 1/2N family and friends and visitors to our blog!


We have just started our Personal Inquiries. We are 'Tuning in' - which means we have created our essential questions - questions we need to find the answer to. Once we have researched our answers, we will then be presenting our findings at the #sustainability #expo  - we can't wait to share what we have learned with you!

Here are a list of our questions...if you know any good websites to help us research our questions, if you know information that will help us to answer our question, if you can post this on your Facebook page and let all your family and friends know about our blog so they can pass it on to anyone who can help us...... please do so - and then post a message for us, sharing your information with us so we can learn from YOU!!! We've included our first names before each question so when we read your messages/information/posts in class, we know who you have replied to!Image result for water

Thanks for your help - we really appreciate it 🙂 1/2N


TOBY and CLAUDE and REBECCA- If water is see through, why are the clouds white?

NIGEL and THOMAS - Why do we need water?

LUKE - How do you get hot and cold water?

Image result for water cycle          JULIAN - How do clouds carry water in them?

CARLOS - Why do some countries get a lot of rain and others don't?

DOMINIQUE and ALEX - After you use water and it goes down the drain, how does it get recycled?

ZAC - When the water evaporates, how does it leave salt behind?

ALLEGRA and OLIVIA L. - If clouds are air, how do they become full of water?

KEIRA - Why is the ocean salty, when the water that goes into it is fresh?

PETER - How does the salt water from the ocean become fresh water in clouds?

JOEL and DYLAN - How does water make plants grow?

ALYSSIA - How does water change texture?

Image result for bodies and water     ALANNA and OLIVIA M- Why do our bodies need water?

OSCAR - Why is water so important to people?

HANNAH - How does water come into the pipes?




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We were lucky enough to have a visit from Will who works for Yarra Valley Water. He came to talk to us about *where water comes from *the water cycle *how water gets to our houses *where water goes once it goes down the drain *why we need to conserve water

IMG_2069 IMG_2075 IMG_2072 IMG_2071

He was lots of fun ... and we especially liked the way he taught us about PRECIPITATION!!! Did you know there are 4 types of precipitation???  Rain, Hail, Sleet and Snow!!! He taught actions for each one to follow to help us remember!

IMG_2070Will was sooooo funny! Thanks for coming to St Bede's Will and teaching us about why we need to use water more sustainably!!!