Monthly Archives: February 2016


2016 sees the beginning of a new school year, a new class ... and for all of us, a new year level!

The beginning of the school year has been very busy indeed! We have undergone testing, reviewed our classroom and school agreements, developed leadership speeches and profiles in anticipation of announcing our new school leaders, participated in interschool sport and we've even planned a school assembly!!!

Image result for coastal forest lodgeImage result for anglesea surfing kidsBut the best thing so far this year was our 5/6 camp at Coastal Forest Lodge at Anglesea! What a great time we all had...especially learning to surf on the second day there. Lots of photos to follow - maybe even a video montage of all the adventures we had 🙂

What did you think about camp? Your favourite activity? The best or funniest thing that happened to you? Any anecdotes to remember our camp experience? Love to hear what you thought about camp!

A great beginning to 2016!