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214Part 2 of our #SocialJustice #TakingAction Day took place last week.

After our amazing fundraising efforts at the end of last term, raising in excess of $2500 for various charities, the 5/6s went out into the community to distribute the donations they raised as well as to help out in our community.    205

We had groups that went to the @RSPCAVic , @StKildaMums , @LostDogsHome , the local kinder to conduct a Christmas Art Activity and  Eva Tilley to talk with/ perform for the elderly. We also helped Michael to improve the school's garden as well as with Jo from the Parish to help sort out the Sacristy in the Church.

206Everyone had a great time helping out those that need it the most. We really were #aliveinthespirit as we lived out our #socialjustice theme this year for our #religion #inquiry   204     213   209

236  5/6N love maths!

We have just concluded our focus on #Volume and #Capacity with an #openended 237#problemsolving task.

First we had to build our towers. Then we needed to work out how to calculate the volume. Once our groups had recorded our findings, we decided the best way to check our accuracy was was to cross check our calculations - measuring other towers and comparing the measurments.

243This took longer than we expected but it was worthwhile ... especially as we were able to work collaboratively, discover successes to our understanding about measuring volume and also to learn from our mistakes!

Can you work out from our photos which tower had the greatest volume?  You might be surprised!

#soengaged #welovemaths242



Image result for world map image

Our #inquiry this term has led us to discover countries around the world that we don't know a lot about, might never have heard of before, or that we're fascinated by but need to refine our knowledge about !!!

Read the comments section in this post if you'd like to find out more about our world. We've listed what we thought were our 3 most fascinating facts about our chosen country as a way of #sortingout our new learning.

We hope you learn something interesting too 🙂

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And what an assembly it was!

Scripted entirely by the students, this assembly was a combination of humour and intelligence and it was an excellent display of  language learning this year.

Each group performed confidently... from our reporters at the desk (Sarah and Amelie), to our intrepid reporters out in the field (Emma and Penelope), to our assistants and dancers behind the scenes (Mostyn, Floyd and Leon), and our leaders in prayer (Alice and Jamie) who led us so reverently in the Hail Mary in #AUSLAN !

Then there were our visitors from all over the globe ...


Joshua, Jason and Austin leading us through significant landmarks in Japanese

img_0805                                                            Carter, Daniel and Macey teaching us the ABC's in Indonesian



Lucinda and Alissa performing their very own Soap Opera ... Not the Nachos!!!


img_0807                                                                                          Ben, James and Jeremia teaching us 'Heads and Shoulders' in Mandarin.img_0808



img_0803And we got the chance to celebrate our birthdays in Italian with Mila and Tiana and see a magnificent display by our French hosts (Isabelle and Amelia) and chefs (Veronica, Edwina and Siena (abs) where 'everyone is a winner with French cuisine!'

Overall, a spectacular assembly by everyone in 5/6N that showcased our learning and displayed a small portion of our journey thus far as we explore @sbedesbn becoming a #bilingual school!