Monthly Archives: March 2017

During the reading block over the next few weeks, read and investigate the following case studies demonstrating the change that an individual can affect.  You must use each of these links to assist with your responses. Remember to record your responses with sufficient detail within a reading session.  You can work with a partner if you choose, however, you must record you own response in your reading book...

New $5 bank note: 

ABC Article 1

ABC Article 2

BTN Bank Notes (from approx 2 minutes)

BTN about Connor and his campaign

Eddie Mabo/Land Rights: 

Land Rights Explained BTN Video

BTN about Eddie Mabo

Interactive Timeline tracing Land Rights

Meaning of Land Rights to Indigenous People

Gold Rush and Eureka Stockade:

BTN: Eureka Stockade

Peter Lalor’s Bakery Hill Speech (audio – there is some more difficult language used).  You aren’t expected to listen to the entire 16 minutes, but do listen to the first 5-6 minutes.

Eureka Stockade Summarised (text)

Voting Rights in Australia:

BTN: The History of Voting

Timeline of Women Voting Rights

Australian Suffragettes – read up until the sub-heading “Politics and Australian Women…”